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Return Policy

Exchange / Return Policy

Please note that the policies regarding returns, refunds and exchanges for products purchased on this site ( are as follows.

When the product arrives, check that there is no defect in the product. If you wish to return or exchange a product due to a defect, delivery of a different product, or damage to the product due to an accident during delivery, be sure to email us( within 5 business days after the product arrives. Please note that inquiries after 5 business days will not be accepted.

1. Defective content

In the following cases, we will inform you that it is not defective, so we do not accept returns or exchanges. We inspect products before shipping. Thank you for your understanding.

1) About the fraying of the thread (If the fraying of the product is not something that does not make a hole when you pull the fraying, there is no problem with the product itself, so please cut off the fraying with scissors and use it as it is Yes.)

2) Adhesive (If the shoe adhesive is slightly protruding, there is no problem with the product itself, please use it as it is.)

4) About the material (If there is no problem in the product itself due to the characteristics of the product such as hair coming out, smell, etc., it is not a defective product, so please use it as it is.)

5) Colors are different (colors of products may differ in color due to differences in environment such as photography, computer screen display, etc. Please note. The product is different from the monitor. ”

6) About wrinkles and dirt (Packages may be pushed out of each other in long-distance delivery, so wrinkles and dirt may be attached. If there is no problem with the product itself, iron and wash it, clean it Please use it as it is.)

2. Non-returnable items

* In the following cases, refunds and exchanges cannot be accepted even for defective products.
・ Products that have passed 5 business days after delivery
・ Product after wearing
・ Items with tags removed
・ Washed, cleaned, repaired, etc. by the customer
・ Items with wrinkles, dirt, or smell after the product arrives
・ Products without some of the set contents such as accessories

* Returns and exchanges cannot be accepted for customer convenience.
・ If you select the wrong size for your reason, we will not accept returns.
・ We do not accept returns due to customer reasons such as being different from the image.
・ We have the right not to respond to those who do not have any problems with the quality and have a return request such as dislike.
・ We have the right not to respond to those who do not provide photos or explain problems.
・ If you cannot contact us by e-mail, we may not accept returns. Also, even if you return to us without contacting us, we may not be able to refund.

3. Return / exchange procedure

Please refer to the following for return / exchange procedures.

(1) Please contact us by e-mail ( or the inquiry form of the site.

(2) Please fill in the e-mail with your order information, the reason you wish to return or exchange, and the problem.
(Please provide as much detail as possible.) * Be sure to include your order number.

(3) In the case of defective products, please provide an attached image (evidence photo) that shows the defective part of the returned product.

(4) After confirming the e-mail, our representative will contact you within 3 business days.

(5) We will send a return form by e-mail after the return is approved.
* The return destination will be announced by our staff at the time of return approval.

* Arrival time varies depending on the delivery method at the time of return, so please check the delivery status with your own tracking number.

※ Notes on returned goods ※
Return address is only available in Japan.
Support on regular holidays and outside business hours is the next business day.

4. Shipping costs for returns and exchanges

◆ Shipping fee for returning products
We will accept returns and exchanges in the event of a defect or defect in our products.
If the goods are not defective, the return shipping cost will be borne by the buyer.
For other return details, please contact our customer center by e-mail (

◆ Shipping fee
If the goods are not defective, the shipping cost for replacement will be borne by the buyer.
For initial failure or damage in transit, we will bear the resending fee for the product.

5. Long-term absence, rejection, return of unknown address

In rare cases, your luggage will be returned due to a long absence, refusal to receive, unknown address, etc.
If you would like to receive the product, please contact customer service by e-mail ( or the inquiry form of the site.

The resend fee in this case will be borne by the buyer.

If you wish to cancel your order, we will refund you. In this case, please note that the shipping and handling fee (5% of the purchase price) will be deducted and a refund will be given.

6. Refund procedure

The refund amount for the returned product will be the amount actually paid. Coupons and discounts will be refunded in the amount paid after the discount.

After the returned product arrives at our company, after confirming the returned product, the refund procedure will be completed in about one week (excluding weekends and holidays). * After the refund process is completed, we will contact you by e-mail.

We will bear the refund fee.

7. Refund time

It may take some time after we process the refund to complete the refund.

Refund to customers paying by credit card
Your bill will be refunded to your credit card. The time required for a refund depends on the credit card company. Check directly with your credit card company.
Please refrain from returning without permission. Please note that we will not process refunds for returns without contact.


If you have questions or comments about our Return Policy, please contact us.