USD $200.00


This shoe comes with a plain string and a logo string.

  • Material: CANVAS x SUEDE
  • Country of Origin: CHINA
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  • Returns and refunds are not possible for reasons other than product defects (damage/dirt).
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Please note that the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the photo.

Product Description

This item is a collaboration between GOTNOFEARS and REVENGE X STORM.
Suede upper with cream laces and sole, representing punk rock and American nostalgia, respectively. The joint sneakers feature sawtooth embroidery of a lightning bolt on the side, asymmetrical embroidery of a skull and crown on the heel guard, and ★GOTNOFEARS★ metal D-rings for a sophisticated look. Each sneaker comes with a ★GOTNOFEARS★ sneaker pouch, checkerboard-patterned insole, and laces.

Gotnofears (GNF) is a fashion brand launched by SHOW LO in 2019. He proposes fashion that can be adapted to various societies that integrate fashion, art and food culture.
Gotnofears has the concept of “If you are not afraid, you will win everything”, and we will plan products based on that concept. We value people-to-people connections while sharing our fearless spirit and life stance with our customers.


Since the suede part will lose color, if the part through which the shoe lace passes is suede, it is recommended to use a waterproof spray before passing the string to prevent dyeing.
There may be adhesive on the sneakers, or there may be some dirt or small scratches on the upper or sole, but it is not a functional obstacle to wearing and is not eligible for return.
If the size is slightly larger, we recommend using a commercially available insole.