HYSTERIC GLAMOUR Collaboration #Green

USD $200.00

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR Collaboration #Green USD $200.00

This shoe comes with a plain string and a logo string.

  • Material: CANVAS x SUEDE
  • Country of Origin: CHINA
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Please note that the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the photo.

Product Description


Nobuhiko Kitamura was born 1962 in Tokyo, Japan. He began working for Ozone Community Corporation straight after he graduated culture to express our one and only fine collection to all customers. Not only reviving the silhouette and image of the product, we focus on research and craftsmanship to reappear its authenticity in detail of material and process of making product. We respect the detail of vintage piece delivered in the past, but also aggressively adopt latest and innovative technology to develop original materials for HYSTERIC GLAMOUR. Moreover, graphic works and visuals are another aspects we focus to symbolize our brand. From respecting the authenticity and pop culture, we continuously hold collaboration projects with various musicians, artists and other brands to provide our premium quality to all customers in the world.


Nobuhiko Kitamura was born 1962 in Tokyo, Japan. He began working for Ozone Community Corporation straight after he graduated Tokyo Mode Gakuen in 1984. That same year he started Hysteric Glamour at the age of 21. From the beginning, his collections were inspired by rock music that he was hooked on since his early teen years. He is one of the forerunners to introduce collections that integrated rock and fashion. His love of rock and his talent has brought him close to stars such as Sonic Youth, Primal Scream, Patti Smith, and Courtney Love. His artistic sensibility and attraction to vintage pornography and contemporary art is expressed through Hysteric Glamour t-shirts, which have become a staple of the brand. He also is deeply involved in the photography industry by self-producing and publishing artwork of photographers such as Terry Richardson, Daido Moriyama, and Nobuyoshi Araki.
Website : www.hystericglamour.jp


Since the suede part will lose color, if the part through which the shoe lace passes is suede, it is recommended to use a waterproof spray before passing the string to prevent dyeing.
There may be adhesive on the sneakers, or there may be some dirt or small scratches on the upper or sole, but it is not a functional obstacle to wearing and is not eligible for return.
If the size is slightly larger, we recommend using a commercially available insole.